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The Event is a place to congregate, shop, and be a woman entirely for a weekend. Whether it is leather or lace, old or new, luxury or practical, the event has products and services to keep our attendees coming back year after year.

Our Exhibitor's are eclectic and unique, value the female lifestyle, have a unique product or service, and who have the ability to grow either locally, regionally, nationally or even internationally.

Our family of exhibitors are exclusive for their category, they are polished in their presentation and display, and most importantly they love what they sell and do.

To apply please call or email our office for availability into the event. We sincerely look forward to hearing about your business and potentially having you at our fabulous event.

Publishing July 2017
Map of USA

Directory Publications

Each state of America has its own unique statewide directory for women.

Please watch for the publication of this spectacular women's directory for your state coming early 2017.