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Who's Attending

From the founder of It's a Girls City, Lifestyle Brand for Women:

Hello. Thank you for being here. You are a part of a long hard decade of planning & envisioning a lifestyle brand for women online, in person and in print.

It has taken me a lifetime to learn how special all women are to their family, our world, and how special we need to be to ourselves!

At the national event debut this August, we welcome the diversity and differences of all women, all ages, shapes and sizes, cultures and creed because her uniqueness as a woman adds to the sparkle and shine of our brand.

We hope to tickle and tantalize, while we warm and excite the hearts and minds of our attendees. We offer camaraderie and pleasure in being a woman.

As women we share: A heart as deep as an ocean.

Shop under the luxury of a tented event featuring beautiful products and services, listen to Susan Winter speak and motivate, hear other informative speakers, learn from local DIYers, relax, listen to music, eat, drink, laugh, and have fun!

As the summer winds down, and our holiday season winds up, let's enjoy the transition together.

We can't wait to share with you. See you in August!

Publishing July 2017
Map of USA

Directory Publications

Each state of America has its own unique statewide directory for women.

Please watch for the publication of this spectacular women's directory for your state coming early 2017.