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A Lifestyle Brand for Women!
Spring is here, which means tickets go on sale for the fabulous "It's a Girl's City" event August 18th (Gala) 19th & 20th. (Expo & Events)
(Hard to believe, but fall and the holiday season are right around the corner of the event, so let's look ahead)!

Our exhibitors have a simple opportunity to make $475.00 selling tickets on their page (s). It's easy.

You can cover the cost of the show, bring extra inventory to sell at the event, spruce up your booth, buy add-ons, or just have a little extra spending money for yourself!

How it works...
We will be provide a link to the ticket purchasing site, you can post this link on your business page and website to allow customers to purchase tickets for the event.
We keep track of your sales, so no accounting on your part.

Your URL will be itsagirlscity.ticketleap/your business name
Promo code will be assigned for your social page, and/or website

Your attendee tickets cost $25.00. Tickets include admission to the weekend event, hors d'oeuvres all weekend, access to the Sanctuary Room, DIY Rooms, Speakers, Fashion Show and much more!
$2.00 per tickets goes to charity. (we will disburse charity dollars equally amount the charities listed on our site)

If you sell a minimum of 75 tickets, or more you will receive a $3 commission for every ticket sold.
You can just pick up your check at the event, or we will issue a Pay Pal payment to you.

After you sell the 75 tickets, you will be able to purchase 25 more tickets at only $15.00 and sell them at any price you want.
Maybe through an internal promo at your store? How fun is that?

(We are selling tickets for $27.00 on our website). Our ticket program provides you an opportunity to not only make $475.00, or more in cash, but it also boosts attendance at the event! Which is good for everyone!

Contact us at and we'll get started.

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Each state of America has its own unique statewide directory for women.

Please watch for the publication of this spectacular women's directory for your state coming early 2017.